Earliest evidence of ear surgery 5,300 years ago (Phys.org 23/02/22)

A team of several researchers from the University of Valladolid, in Spain and one from the Spanish National Research Council in Italy, has found evidence of the earliest ear surgery performed on a human being. In their paper published in the journal Scientific Reports, the group describes their study of a human skull found at the…

Prehistoric human vertebra discovered in the Jordan Valley tells the story of migration from Africa (Phys.org 02/02/22)

A new study led by researchers from Bar-Ilan University, Ono Academic College, The University of Tulsa and the Israel Antiquities Authority presents a 1.5 million-year-old human vertebra discovered in Israel’s Jordan Valley

Early humans placed hearth at optimal location in caves, for maximum benefit and minimum smoke exposure (Phys.org 01/02/22)

The researchers discovered that the early humans who occupied the cave had placed their hearth at the optimal location—enabling maximum utilization of the fire for their activities and needs while exposing them to a minimal amount of smoke