Excavation of a Hispano-Visigothic grave at Ojo Guareña (Heritage Daily 16/09/21)

Archaeologists excavating a tomb embedded in the rock by the main entrance to the San Tirso and San Bernabé Hermitage in the karst complex of Ojo Guareña (Merindad de Sotoscueva, Burgos) have discovered the skeleton of an adult individual in the supine position, with its head to the west set between two small limestone blocks

Environmental conditions of early humans in Europe (Phys.org 08/09/21)

A recent study prepared in collaboration with researchers from the University of Helsinki and the Universities of Granada, Tarragona, Zaragoza, Barcelona, Salamanca, Madrid and Tübingen provides new information on the environmental context of earliest human occupation in Europe during the Pleistocene

A Neanderthal hunting camp in the center of the Iberian Peninsula (Phys.org 26/08/21)

Abel Moclán, a researcher at CENIEH, is the lead author of a paper published in the journal Quaternary Science Reviews which undertook a zooarchaeological and taphonomic study of the Neanderthal Navalmaíllo Rock Shelter site (Pinilla del Valle, Madrid), some 76,000 years old, whose results indicate that these Neanderthals mainly hunted large bovids and cervids