Lunch Break Science #23| Ashley Hammond

Lunch Break Science is a weekly online series featuring short lectures or interviews with Leakey Foundation scientists Lunch Break Science #23| Ashley Hammond Meet Leakey Foundation grantee Ashley Hammond and learn how fossils, especially the pelvis, are an indicator of locomotor evolution through time.

Prehistoric women were successful big-game hunters, challenging beliefs about ancient gender roles ( 11/03/21)

Archeological evidence from Peru has revealed that some ancient big-game hunters were in fact women, challenging what science writer James Gorman wrote was “one of the most widely held tenets about ancient hunters and gatherers -that males hunted and females gathered.”

Genetic analysis of ancient massacre reveals instance of indiscriminate killing ( 10/3/21)

Genetic analysis provides clarity and also prompts further questions around an ancient massacre in Potočani, Croatia, in a study published March 10, 2021 in the open-access journal PLOS ONE by Mario Novak from the Institute for Anthropological Research, Croatia, Ron Pinhasi from the University of Vienna, Austria, David Reich from Harvard Medical School and Harvard University, U.S.,…