Call for grants 2021 from April 6 to May 6: Aid to research teams that are working on Archeology or Human Paleontology projects outside of Europe and belonging to a Spanish public institution, such as universities, research institutes, CSIC, ICREA and similar.


The Evaluation Committee examines all the requests received and, based on the quality of information and the fit of the project in the objectives and values of the Foundation decides:

  • Support it partially or totally.
  • Postpone the decision, asking for further information.
  • Reject the request

Once the decision has been made, the responsible person will be contacted by the Foundation to communicate the result of the process and the steps to follow, if the request is not ruled out.


To carry out Spanish palaeontological and archaeological projects abroad

Summary description including the following data:


1. Title of the project and institution to which it is linked

  • Title (Maximum 350 characters)
  • Name of Principal Investigator (PI) or Principal Investigators (PIs)
  • Institution (Maximum 350 characters)
  • Postal address, telephone numbers and e-mail (Maximum 350 characters)
  • WebSite (Maximum 75 characters)
  • Social Networks (Maximum 350 characters)


2. Description of the project

  • Geographic and cultural scope (Maximum 3,000 characters)
  • Chronological period under study (Maximum 350 characters)
  • Relevance and interest of the project (Maximum 7,000 characters)
  • Target (Maximum 7,000 characters)
  • Methodology (Maximum 7,000 characters)
  • Duration of the intervention (Maximum 350 characters)
  • Results obtained (Maximum 7,000 characters)
  • Future prospects (Maximum 3,500 characters)
  • Definition of the actions for which the aid requested from the Foundation is intended (Maximum 3,000 characters)
  • Institution with which the host country collaborates and its involvement, both at academic and civil society level (Maximum 2,500 characters)
  • Maximum 10 significant/important publications of the last 10 years related to the project (Maximum 7.000 characters)
  • Dissemination actions/dissemination of results (Maximum 2,000 characters)


3. Graphic documentation

  • Planimetry of the site, and specific plan of the area/s to intervene (Attach maximum 3 images).
  • Maximum 10 significant and representative images of the project.
  • Video (if available)


4. Team Curriculum

  • Name of the IP(s) of the project (350 characters)
  • Spanish public institution to which the PI belongs (Maximum 350 characters)
  • Qualification/ Academic position of the PI (Maximum 500 characters)
  • Projects in which you have participated as PI or collaborator in the last 10 years (maximum 3,000 characters)
  • Maximum 10 significant/important publications of the PI in the last 10 years (Max. 7,000 characters)
  • Remaining team members (Maximum 9,000 characters)
    Qualifications/ Academic role of each of them.
    Participation in projects (either as PI or collaborator in the last 10 years (Maximum 10 projects among all team members) and publications in the last 10 years (Maximum 10 among all team members).


5. Planned date of the eligible campaign (Maximum 350 characters)

Planned implementation period and duration of the field campaign(s).


6. Official project permit issued by the relevant state authority, which expressly refers to the interventions relating to this application. In countries where both research and excavation permits are required, both must be submitted (Attach PDF)


7. Indicate current circumstances that could affect the development of the project: political and epidemiological situation in the host country, travel difficulties, etc. (3,000 characters)

8. Remaining


9. Amount requested (Maximum 350 characters)


10. Budget Breakdown of the financial support requested from the Foundation (Maximum 4,000 characters)

  • Transport costs (specify for whom/whom and why)
  • Accommodation costs (specify for whom/whom and why)
  • Living expenses (specify for whom and why)
  • Costs of auxiliary staff and technicians (specify the role assigned to them in the project)
  • Expendable excavation equipment (no inventoriable equipment)
  • Treatment, archaeometric analysis, etc. of materials recovered during the campaign (up to a maximum of 20% of the total amount foreseen for these purposes).
  • Subject to justification, a maximum of 20% of the total amount granted by the Foundation will be accepted as unexecuted and remaining, which may be used in the next call for proposals.
  • Of the total budget for the intervention, indicate which item of the total budget is attributed to the Palarq Foundation.

Any expenditure not included in the initial budget will not be accepted in the subsequent justification. Changes or exceptions due to special situations must be reported to the Foundation for approval prior to implementation.


11. Other sources of funding available and amounts contributed (Maximum 350 characters)

It will be specified which other entities are financing the project (official and private), as well as the amounts with which they do so. In the case of a surplus from a previous call of the Palarq Foundation itself, the amount of the surplus will also be indicated.



12. Body that endorses the justification of the amount awarded belonging to a Spanish institution, such as universities, research institutes, CSIC, ICREA and similar. (Maximum 350 characters)


Once your application has been approved and after the completion of the interventions:

Both a technical and a financial report shall be submitted within the first 15 days of January of the year following the implementation of the campaign (min. 40,000 characters including spaces, max. about 60,000 including spaces).

  1. Scientific-technical report
    Including a description of the intervention/s carried out and indicated in the application report of the corresponding call, indicating the methodology applied, the results obtained in relation to the objectives set, the bibliography used, and the publications derived from the project.
  2. A maximum of 10 images of the project must be included, including a map of the location of the site and a site plan showing the remains of the project.
  3. Economic report
    Including the amount used from the approved items in the budget of the application.