La Fundación Palarq es una entidad privada y sin ánimo de lucro que se crea con la finalidad de apoyar las Misiones en Arqueología y Paleontología Humana Españolas en el extranjero, excluyendo Europa, dentro de una perspectiva que abarca desde la etapa paleontológica a las épocas prehistóricas y las históricas en interés monumental

Religious and funerary beliefs and practices during the Saita and Saito-Persian period in the city of Oxyrhynchus (El-Bahnasa), Egypt

Universitat de Barcelona-IPOA (Institute of the Ancient Near East).
Location: The Oxirrinco site (El-Bahnasa, Egypt), is located 190 km. south of Cairo

Description: Throughout almost three consecutive decades of archaeological work in the High Necropolis of Oxirrinco, there are many and varied findings, the study of which has given us valuable information about the evolution of religious-funeral beliefs at the site.

IASCM Project: Underwater Archaeological Research in the Caves of Mallorca

SONARS (National Association of Underwater Archaeology).
Ses Aiguades (Alcúdia), Mallorca.

Description: This research seeks to deepen the technical, methodological and underwater study of the prehistoric caves of Mallorca and, likewise, to know more about the karst habitats and their relationship with the land and underwater archaeological sites that surround them.

Archaeology of the beds I and II of the Olduvai Gorge (Tanzania): FLK ZINJ, DS, PTK, AGS, FLK West, TK and BK

Institute of Evolution in Africa (IDEA), Universidad de Alcalá de Henares.
Location: Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania.

Description: Olduvai contains the best archaeological record during the first million years of human existence. A project that aims to reconstruct how human behavior arose and to do so, we try to know how the first sites of humanity were formed.

Heracleópolis Magna. Research project in Ehnasya El Medina, Egypt

Asoc. Cooperación y Protección del Patrimonio Histórico Artístico y Arqueológico Internacional (ACOPHIA) / Museo Arqueológico Nacional, Madrid. Department of Egyptian and Near Eastern Antiquities
Location: Heracleópolis Magna.

Description: Heracleópolis Magna was the first site excavated by Spaniards in Egyptian territory, started in 1966 by Martín Almagro and continued until the present day under the direction of M. Carmen Pérez Die, in collaboration with the Egyptian Antiquities Service of Beni Suef.

Landscape, Memory and Social Complexity in the Great Megaliths of Iberia: The Dolmen of Menga and the Tholos of Montelirio

Department of Prehistory and Archaeology, Universidad de Sevilla (Spain).
Location: Málaga y Sevilla.

Description: Megalithism was one of the phenomena most closely associated with the expansion of the Neolithic way of life: Megalithic monuments ordered social life and the perception that human beings had of their own existence