La Fundación Palarq es una entidad privada y sin ánimo de lucro que se crea con la finalidad de apoyar las Misiones en Arqueología y Paleontología Humana Españolas en el extranjero, excluyendo Europa, dentro de una perspectiva que abarca desde la etapa paleontológica a las épocas prehistóricas y las históricas en interés monumental

Prehistoric human vertebra discovered in the Jordan Valley tells the story of migration from Africa ( 02/02/22)

A new study led by researchers from Bar-Ilan University, Ono Academic College, The University of Tulsa and the Israel Antiquities Authority presents a 1.5 million-year-old human vertebra discovered in Israel’s Jordan Valley

Early humans placed hearth at optimal location in caves, for maximum benefit and minimum smoke exposure ( 01/02/22)

The researchers discovered that the early humans who occupied the cave had placed their hearth at the optimal location—enabling maximum utilization of the fire for their activities and needs while exposing them to a minimal amount of smoke

Ice-age remains near Sea of Galilee show ancient residents thrived as ice melted ( 26/01/22)

A new article published today in PLOS ONE by a Hebrew University of Jerusalem (HU)’s Institute of Archaeology team and colleagues focused on the remains of a previously submerged fisher-hunter-gatherer camp on the shores of the Sea of Galilee from around 23,000 years ago