Neanderthals may have sailed Europe’s seas 120,000 years ago and lived on a Danish island separated from the continent’s mainland by 30 miles of water, ancient tools suggest (Daily Mail 10/21/20)

Danish researchers have examined a small part of Ejby Klint on island of Zealand 120,000-year-old flint stones there may have been fashioned by Neanderthals  Human origin in Denmark has been called ‘one of the greatest riddles in history’

Inka llama offerings from Tambo Viejo, Acari Valley, Peru (Antiquity 20/21/20)

Llamas were the preferred sacrificial animals of the Inka Empire, their ritual value second only to that of human beings. Recent archaeological excavations at the Inka settlement of Tambo Viejo in the Acari Valley on the Peruvian south coast have revealed a number of ritually sacrificed llamas in a unique context.